One Cut of the Dead




Shinichiro Ueda · 2017 · 96 minutes

A small film crew is shooting a no-budget zombie flick in an abandoned warehouse. Rumor has it that the military used to conduct inhumane experiments in this warehouse. After being scolded by her manic director, the lead actress and her co-star sit down with their makeup artist before doing yet another take. All of a sudden the cast and crew are attacked by real zombies and the chaos that ensues is captured in a non-stop 37-minute shot. Starting with a cliche of the zombie genre, One Cut of the Dead switches directions completely in order to turn the genre on its head and deliver a finale much more exhilarating and crowd-pleasing than its opening long take. Filled with the energy and love for the craft and collaboration of low-budget filmmaking, the film recalls other recent tales of renegade filmmakers who would die for their art like Why Don’t You Play in Hell? Shinichiro Ueda and his team have created an endearing comedy that earned a standing ovation at Udine Far East Film Festival and is currently charming audiences all around the world.

Filmography: Dreaming Novelist (short ‘11); Girlfriend’s Confession Ranking (short ‘14); Neko Manma (short ‘15); Take 8 (short ‘15), One Cut of the Dead (‘17).