Death Row Family




Yuki Kobayashi · 2017 · 98 minutes
preceded by CRYING FREE SEX

A series of real life murder cases are given the comedic treatment in Death Row Family, which takes as many liberties as need be to derive wholesome laughs from its violent and perverse set pieces. Takanori, the son of a lowly yakuza boss, does two years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit after being offered as a scapegoat by his family to another syndicate. Once out he shacks up with his old squeeze - a sex crazed minx not above flirting with a bed-ridden, sex starved midget behind Takanori’s back - and reunites with his older brother Satoshi who has hatched a plan to steal a safe. Reluctantly, Takanori agrees to take part in the theft, breaking into the home of the Yoshida’s, a local family running a loan shark operation. When they get caught by the Yoshida’s youngest son who is in the middle of filming his wacky internet variety show it is up to Takanori to dispatch of the witness. After the murder - done in the style of Abbott and Costello as if they were serial killers - Takanori and his brother join up with mom and dad on a night of spiraling poor decisions. Yuki Kobayashi gives this tale of excess and exploitation a surprisingly restrained style making for a joyful, if depraved, watch.

Filmography: Kamikaze Cowboy ('16).


11:30 PM