Early Summer × Batsu First Batch


In anticipation of our full lineup to be revealed the beginning of July - and to prove that we are actually going to be showing movies - here is a preview of the kinds of works we will be featuring at the inaugural BFF:


Akiko Ohku | 2017
Winner of the Audience Award at the 2017 Tokyo International Film Festival, this is an energetic and neurotic variation of the rom-com featuring a standout performance from Mayu Matsuoka (in her first lead role) as well as a musical number. 


Koji Segawa | 2017
BFF Vol. 1 will showcase a number of new talents. One of which will be the impressive low-budget feature Swaying Mariko. Following one woman's descent into paranoia and eventually madness, Mariko blends a number of wildly varying tones - something consistent with most of the films in the lineup. The film's director Koji Segawa will be flying out to Denver to represent the film.


Jun Tanaka | 2017
In this debut film currently in high demand at festivals around the world, two souls are caught by the string of fate; Ryota and Fumiko are a pair of old flames who reunite and set themselves on the path to marriage. All is going according to plan except for the fact that Ryota has the ability to see ghosts. Everything from the score to the phantoms themselves is striking in this horror-drama.

That's 25% of the features BFF Vol. 1 will be presenting. Keep an eye out early July for the full lineup including the rest of the features, the short films, and music videos being shown as well as for ticketing info at the Alamo Drafthouse's website.

-Jason Suzuki

The views and opinions expressed above are solely those of the author and do not necesarilly reflect or represent those of the Batsu Film Festival.


Jason Suzuki