Early Spring × BFF 101



The first edition of the Batsu Film Festival is in its second trimester and due early August (3-5 to be exact). Through extensive genetic editing it will sport both genitalia, around a dozen feature films - all receiving their Colorado premieres - with accompanying shorts and music videos. The pre-determined life span of the Batsu Film Festival Vol. 1 will be three days but hopefully it will live on in memory.

But first, let's ignore the trees and talk about the forest. BFF's mission is to give the Denver community a space to explore a wide range of Japanese cinema; to promote a sense of discovery in order to advance public interest in the unique cinematic voices from Japan whether emerging or ignored; and to dole out punishments - of the physical variety - to patrons in exchange for neat prizes.

Other film festivals use archaic methods of curation such as calculators attached to a magic 8-ball. They'll charge a premium to allow guests opportunities to peacock (i.e. a non-film viewing event). BFF is more traditional than that. One screen, one film at a time, bathroom breaks in between shows, no bullshit.

Stay posted for more updates, see you in the delivery room (Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake).

-Jason Suzuki

The views and opinions expressed above are solely those of the author and do not necesarilly reflect or represent those of the Batsu Film Festival.

Jason Suzuki